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Stylish and durable fibreglass flat roofing systems

Roof Boss proud members of CHECKATRADE are fully qualified installers of Cromar Pro GRP, one of the best GRP systems available, Manufactured in the UK, our fibreglass flat roof systems are the ultimate BBA Certified solution. They are perfect for any domestic or commercial property, and is simply the best looking flat roof system to enhance a property.  Fibreglass flat roofing systems are installed by our fully trained installers and you will be supplied with  a 25 year guarantee on product and workmanship, we offer free site survey to discuss options and show a demo deck to see if fibreglass roof is right for you.

Why GRP (Fibreglass) flat roofing systems?

  • 50 years + life expectancy
  • 25 year product & workmanship guarantee
  • Single sheet system with no joints, seams or welds
  • Versatile and flexible for new build or replacement roofs,
  • Fire   retardant
  • Impact resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Frost and storm proof
  • Available in all colours different
  • Environmentally sustainable by design and safe to install. No heat required. Rated A/A+ in the generic BRE Green Guide.

A GRP flat roof, or commonly known as fibreglass roof, is increasing becoming the most popular flat roofing solutions in the UK, as not only does it visually look stunning, it has no joints or seams so can be formed to any flat roof shape. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester, a composite material formed by strengthening plastic with fine fibres made of glass.

This single ply laminate has been used for over 60 years for waterproofing roofs.  it has recently soared in popularity in recent years thanks to advancement in technology, new systems such as Cromar PROGRP have 25 year guarantee when installed by our professional installers. GRP is such a good waterproofing system, it is used for other applications, from boats, ponds, water tanks.

GRP roofs will easily out last traditional felt roof systems, and will look visually stunning compared to other flat roof systems.

Cromar Pro GRP can be applied to a cold or hot deck, the resin is applied to good quality roof deck. A layer of fibreglass mating is then laid on top followed by another layer of  resin to complete the system. Once the resin is cured, a fire retardant top coat resin is then applied to complete the weather proofing of the roof, the top coat also the final stunning appearance

Specially made fibreglass edge trims and drip trims are fitted to all the edges of the roof before resin is applied the trims really do stand apart from other

when installed by Roof Boss, GRP flat roof will easily last for at least 30 years without any measurable deterioration.  See illusation below for installation process

Given the overall superior of GRP fibreglass roofs compared to felt and EPDM you might think that a GRP flat roof would be vastly more costly, This is not the case.

Although GRP is pricier than felt or EPDM rubber roofing systems, when you factor in this impressive longevity, along with the lack of maintenance needed, resistance to all weather and attractive laminated finish, fibreglass roofs can be worth every penny.

Can a Fibreglass Roof Be Repaired?

You do not normally need repair to GRP roof if installed professionally by Roof Boss your GRP roofing system need little cause for concern.

Although GRP is impact resistant, should your fibreglass roof be damaged it can easily be gone over with the resin and top coat.

If the roof fades over the decades a top coat can easily be applied to bring it back to its original glory and increase the life span for longer.

How Does GRP Fibreglass Compare to Other Flat Roof Coverings?

.More durable than traditional felt systems like  torch-on,

A lot safer than torch on systems, due to no flame needed

Fibreglass flat roofs have no joints or seams on the main part of the roof. Less chance of water getting into deck problems common with felt systems. The reason it commonly used on boats and yachts.

Fibreglass roofs are built to retain their form and function in the face of any weather condition possible, it is also resistant to fire

GRP flat roof can cope with foot traffic, so is suitable for roof balconies and roof terraces.

GRP flat roofs is easy maintained, a Simple brush and hose down every so often will keep it looking in top condition

the flexibility of GRP fibreglass means it can fit any roof shape so is the ideal flat roof covering

Although EPDM is another outstanding roof covering system, it is not visually as good as fibreglass roofs

The top coat can be purchased in different colours to give the roof a personal touch   although the traditional dark grey is still the most popular.

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