Roof Cleaning Aigburth Merseyside

Why cleaning and maintaining your roof is important!

Roof Moss Removal in Aigburth Merseyside

  • With over 20 years’ experience in roofing indusrty – we promise to provide expert recommendations for the method for cleaning and maintaining your roof. This will often be dependent on such factors as the type of roof tile; condition and pitch of your roof.
  • Our advice and services will be be-spoke to your needs and requirements.
  • Don’t fall for scams!!! There are some companies offering inappropriate products and methods that can cause greater damage to your roof, such as jet washing and roof coating Our level of expertise is essential when determining the most appropriate solution for you!!!

Our Values

  • Honest – We appreciate that potential customers will have often have a natural anxiety with building companies regarding their advice, pricing and quality of work. Our business is based on our reputation and we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, that’s why we our members of checkatrade
  • Reliable – We promise to respond to your calls and turn up when we say we will!
  • Professional – We don’t cut corners and we promise to make sure the job is done properly. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Services in Aigburth Merseyside

As stated by roof manufacturer Marley Ernit and the UK trading standard organisation, pressure washing can damage roof tiles, strip the surface granules form man made tiles and shorten their life expectancy it also encourages moss to return quicker. WE NEVER USE A PRESURE WASHER OR ROOF COATING

A mossy dirty roof is not just unsightly it can damage a roof due to water been held by moss been able to get under tile and damage timber structure of roof see axa advice on moss removal

We have treatments to uncover the beautiful coloured roof hiding beneath the dirt and grime on your roof, we undertake manual moss removal, and our fastacting biocide algoclear is 100% effective, removing lichen, moss and algae, returning the colour to your dull and dirty roof tiles.

Our careful method:

  • We do a full risk assessment to ensure safety of all people on site
  • From the safety of a tower scaffold and rope harness, we scrape and brush any moss or debris from roof using high reach poles and tools from gutter height, only accessing roof if necessary.
  • Using a tower scaffold we empty your gutters of debris and make sure all down pipes and drains are unblocked
  • we apply and brush into your roof tile a soft wash cleaning product that cleans, restores the colour to your tile or slate and kills any moss algae or lichen
  • we rinse your roof with water
  • spray your roof with algoclear biocide which is very important if you don’t want to see regrowth any time soon this can invisibly stay active on your roof for 2 or 3 years
  • Recommended on going preventative treatment.
  • An inexpensive way of keeping your roof looking clean and moss/ algae free. After your initial clean and biocide treatment we recommend a repeat treatment of biocide every 2 years. This is a quick spray usually from the ground using a high reach pole this ensures no more major expensive cleaning of moss, algae and lichen from your roof.
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