Rubber Roofing

When looking for a flat roof material that is reliable, maintenance free, low cost, eco-friendly, flexible and durable weather tight with no joints with 50 Year life expectancy, look no further than firestone rubber roofing as the solution. At roof boss we have vast experience of flat roofing and as Approved certified installers of Firestone Rubber Roofing we are able to offer a 20 Year guarantee on all installations, for free advice and no obligation quote please call Roof Boss.

Why use firestone rubbercover?

Firestone is a world leader in rubber technology for over a century, a trusted name in rubber technology and BBA approved. Since 1980 over a billion m2 of Firestone EPDM membranes have been successfully installed worldwide, making Firestone a leading manufacturer of EPDM roofing

  • Attractive appearance and incredibly durable
  • No boiling tar or hot flames
  • No chippings needed
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Low cycle cost
  • Highly flexible elongate over 300%
  • Superior Roofing solution
  • 50 years life expectancy
  • Maintenance free
  • No joints or seams
  • Resistant to all weather conditions

How EPDM compares to other solutions

Felt Fibreglass EPDM
Will my roof covering last in excess of 50 years?
Is it enviromentally friendly?
Will it come with 20 Year guarantee?
Will the covering have superior flexibility and high strength?
Can the covering easily contour to fit an unusual roof shape?
Is it easy to repair?
Is it UV resistant?
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